11 Most Desirable Neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks

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Are you wondering what the best neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks are? Well, wonder no more!

In this blog, I will go over the Top 10 most desirable neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks, so you can get an idea of what neighborhoods you’d like best! Stick around to the end for a Bonus –  where I’ll show you Thousand Oaks most unique neighborhood that many people don’t even know about! Ok. So it’s actually 11 neighborhoods.

If you’re new here, my name is Emily Berdon. I’m a residential Realtor®, here to give you all the info you need before you relocate to the Thousand Oaks area.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the City of Thousand Oaks also includes parts of Westlake Village and Newbury Park. These 10 neighborhoods are spread out over all 3 towns.

Side note: there are lots of great neighborhoods besides these 10 – these are just the ones that I find my clients are most drawn to.

So here they are, in no particular order:


Located in the more northern part of Thousand Oaks, Lang Ranch covers a big section of Thousand Oaks that features several different tracts: from smaller entry level homes, to gated sections with larger homes and lots. This neighborhood is a big draw for families who want a newer home with great curb appeal, excellent schools, and a strong sense of community.

While the homes here are tract homes, the neighborhood is far from boring: There is a beautiful park, loads of hiking trails, the Chumash Indian Museum, and the Sapwi Bike Park which is a rare and unique thing to find in a Conejo Valley neighborhood… and even though Lang Ranch is pretty far north, its easy to drop down into either Thousand Oaks or Westlake Village.


That’s right – “ranch” is a popular term around here. Lynn Ranch is a very charming neighborhood in Thousand Oaks featuring custom homes with larger lots, and beautiful views. Many of the homes have ADU’s, and if you’re looking for a horse property, you’re likely to find it here.

There are no tract homes here. There are also almost no sidewalks. Lynn Ranch has 8 sections to it – some with voluntary HOA’s and others with mandatory HOA’s. The HOA’s here are very low (and pretty lax in some ways)- they go toward maintaining the horse trails and hosting neighborhood events.  As the name suggests, Lynn Ranch has a lot of ranch style homes, and in this neighborhood you will find equestrian and hiking trails that lead you all the way to Wildwood Park … 


Speaking of Wildwood, this is another highly desirable Thousand Oaks neighborhood! Wildwood gets its name from the Wildwood Regional Park that it borders, which features Paradise Falls, one of the most popular hiking trails in this area. Families love this neighborhood for the numerous hiking trails (and when I say numerous, I mean numerous!), the beautiful  greenbelts, and the highly rated Wildwood school. This neighborhood has no HOA, which some like and some don’t. Affordability is higher here than the other Thousand Oaks neighborhoods, but it is also a bit secluded from all the action. The homes were built in the 70’s and 80’s and some of the homes could use a little updating. Or a lot of updating…


Located on the East side of Thousand Oaks, Conejo Oaks has a similar feel to Lynn Ranch. Here you will find larger lots with custom homes. The tall, mature trees that line the streets really give Conejo Oaks an upscale vibe.  People like this neighborhood because it is very social. The Conejo Family Country Club is a popular spot for swimming, tennis, basketball, or just hanging out and barbecuing with your neighbors. This club is exclusive for residents of Conejo Oaks. Despite not having an HOA, Conejo Oaks has great curb appeal and a lot of pride of ownership! But you may run into the occasional boat or RV parked on the street.


If you’re looking for a hillside home with stunning views, you’ll want to look at Kevington. Located in the winding hills of Thousand Oaks, this is a very unique neighborhood for this area. Here you will find larger lots and some of the best views in the city, with many homes being able to enjoy 4th of July fireworks without having to leave the property.

Families like this neighborhood because although it’s in Thousand Oaks, kids who live here can attend Westlake schools, or the highly sought-after Arts and Technology Charter School called MATES. MATES uses a lottery system to determine who gets to attend, but living in Kevington means you get priority status in the lottery.

Kevington is a beautiful neighborhood in a great location of Thousand Oaks, but keep in mind, with the steep hills and windy roads, it’s not the best for riding bikes or kicking the ball around (I mean you could kick it, but only once).


Wow. I’m just realizing I should have started with First Neighborhood!

This was the first planned neighborhood in Westlake. While not the most creatively named, this is a very popular neighborhood in Westlake for young families. The homes are late 60’s and 70’s tract style, but that does not stop people from flocking here.

This is the place to live if you really want to get to know your neighbors. Think: block parties, neighborly  get-togethers, and kids playing in the cul-de-sac. There are beautiful greenbelts, a great park, and a highly rated school in the middle of the neighborhood that most kids walk to.

And the walkability to shops and restaurants in Westlake Village can’t be beat. The only downside: you will pay a premium for a dated tract home.



This unique, hexagon shaped neighborhood is another great Westlake neighborhood. Similarly to First Neighborhood, it has a big beautiful park and a highly rated elementary school right in the middle of the neighborhood.

It’s laid out in a way that makes the neighborhood great for walking and socializing with neighbors. The homes were built in the 70’s and many are due for a full remodel. The truth is, that is true for almost every Conejo Valley neighborhood with 70’s tract housing. 

This neighborhood tends to be a bit more affordable (by Westlake standards), and it’s right by the Westlake Promenade, which is offers some of the best restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in Westlake Village.


Three Springs in Westlake is another tract home neighborhood. Here you will find larger homes on larger lots compared to the other Westlake neighborhoods I’ve already mentioned. There is a great park in this neighborhood, and a strong sense of community. Families make up the majority of homeowners here, and its a bit more affluent than the other neighborhoods I’ve mentioned.

And if you are a big fan of Halloween, you will love Three Springs –  This place goes all out for that holiday!


Moving over to Newbury Park, we have the highly desirable neighborhood Deer Ridge. Nestled against the Santa Monica mountains, and right under Old Boney, makes this possibly the most picturesque neighborhood in Newbury Park. There’s no HOA, but you’d never know it with how beautifully the homes are maintained. And some of the lots here are so big that they have sports courts and even guest houses (ADU’s).

And if you have dreams of becoming a wine-maker, this could be the neighborhood for you – as several of the properties have their own small vineyards!

Living in Deer Ridge, you’ll be a bit secluded from all the action, but this neighborhood backs up to Portrero Road, which is a scenic windy road that takes you 10 mins to get to Westlake Village. 


Probably the most desirable Newbury Park neighborhood is Dos Vientos. Dos Vientos is an upscale master planned community (built in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s) that has about 2300 homes in various tracts. The neighborhoods are surrounded by trails and open space. The neighborhood features loads of curb appeal, and the weather is mild since “DV” is closer to the ocean.

Dos Vientos, like many of the other family-friendly neighborhoods I’ve mentioned, has a highly rated school right in the middle of it. The school in Dos Vientos is unique because it goes from TK-8th grade, and many parents refer to it as “a public school that feels like a private school”.

The downside? It’s pretty secluded from all the action. Once you exit the Freeway, you’ve still got about a 10 minute drive to Dos Vientos.


Alright – now for the bonus: Thousand Oaks most unique neighborhood:

The Eichler Homes – Most people have no idea that Thousand Oaks has Eichler homes! These unique mid-century modern homes built between 1964-1967 and designed by Joseph Eicher are unlike anything else you’ll find in Thousand Oaks. There are about 100 of them in Thousand Oaks, and owning one of these homes means you get to own a piece of California’s architectural history. It is rare that one of these homes comes on the market, and when it does it gets scooped up quickly, as these homes have become a bit of a collectors item for people who love this post-war design.

The downside? These homes were meant to be modest, inexpensive homes at the time, they were not built to last. If you purchase one, keep money aside for repairing and restoring.

Emily Berdon Thousand Oaks Realtor


Alright, that’s it for my list of 10… well 11 of the most desirable neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks. Which one sounds like the neighborhood you’d want to live in? Comment below and let me know! 

Then be sure to read my blogs on the Pros & Cons of living in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and Newbury Park. So you know what you’re getting into before moving here!

If you’re considering a move to the Thousand Oaks area, go ahead and reach out, so we can figure out the best neighborhood for you!  


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