Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Emily Berdon (pronounced Bird-on) and I would love to be your go-to resource for all things Real Estate in the Conejo Valley.

I have been fascinated by Real Estate for as long as I can remember…

As a kid I saw the importance of real estate in building wealth. My family did not have much, but my parents knew they had to BUY a home. They bought their first home in Fort Collins, CO when I was 2 years old (at 9% interest rate, which was considered low at the time!) Over the years they would build equity, sell, and buy a nicer home. They continued to do this until we were living in our dream home. Even then, I was well aware that we had built the life, and the home we had, through investing in real estate.

I moved from Colorado to Los Angeles in 2005 and attended USC’s Marshall School of Business. After graduating I met my husband and started a career in the music and entertainment business. I played shows, acted, wrote and sang songs for TV and commercials. In my free time I found myself perusing local listings and popping into open houses (just for fun) – knowing one day I would get into Real Estate.

When we sold our townhouse in Tarzana and bought our house in Thousand Oaks, I really saw the importance of a knowledgable and caring agent. It was an exciting (and overwhelming) time for us, and our agent held our hand and eased our fears throughout the whole process. It was at that time I thought “I want to do that for people.”

Another part of my journey into real estate, was figuring out how to get from being a renter with a credit score in the 500’s to a homeowner with a credit score in the 800’s. True story! That process gave me quite the education that has equipped me to help others navigate a similar path.

Today, I have all the resources of my top-producing team, The Buss-Lampert Group of Aviara Real Estate.  Yet when you work with me, you get a personalized experience.  Every situation and every transaction is different, and your approach to buying or selling your home should be as custom and personal as you are… so let’s explore this next chapter of your story together.

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