Thinking of Buying In The Conejo Valley?

Right now is a good time to buy – let me tell you why! Even with higher interest rates, there is still a lot of demand for homes in the Conejo Valley – which is keeping our home values strong.

Interest rates are expected to come down in 2024, which will most likely lead to a frenzy of buyers entering the market. When this happens, competition will be fierce and prices will go higher.

I encourage all my buyers to find a home now, so you can get the price you want without too much competition. Then refinance when rates come down later in the year.

My Services For Buyers

Buyers Guide

The first thing I’ll provide you with is a copy of my Buyers Guide. This will let you know what the process ahead is going to look like. There are a lot of steps and do’s and dont’s you should be aware of as we start down this path.


Before we start looking at homes, you need to get Pre-approved (not just “pre-qualified”). In today’s market, some Sellers won’t let you preview their home without a pre-approval letter in hand. You’ll need to work with a lender, and I have some great ones I can put you in touch with. 

Personalized MLS Search

Once we narrow down the area, price range, and specifics of what you want in a home, I will set you up on a personalized MLS search. We will both get notified the instant a house hits the market that fits your criteria.

Writing a Compelling Offer

When you find a home you love, we will put together a compelling offer – In this highly competitive market, we need to make sure YOUR offer stands out!  There are some creative strategies we can employ to have the highest probability of a favorable response.

The Escrow Process

Once your offer is accepted, we go into Escrow. During this time there will be inspections and an appraisal of the property. I will be overseeing all of this and making sure everything moves along as smoothly as possible so you can close on time.

Your Realtor for Life

When the transaction is complete, my job doesn’t end! I want to be your Realtor for Life.  Whatever your home needs are over the years, I will be your go to resource. Do you need a painter, a plumber, or a contractor? I’ve got you covered.

No Obligation
Property Search

Let me know what you’re looking for and I will set up a personalized MLS search for you! No obligation.

What My Clients Have to Say...

“I highly recommend working with Emily Berdon.  She has all the qualities you want in a Real Estate Agent - prompt, professional, easy to communicate and to get along with. More importantly, she truly cares about the people and the process.  When making very important decisions, like the purchase of your home, you want someone like Emily on your side.”
by Brad Z.
“I can attest to Emily’s professionalism, but also her genuine desire to connect with people and create the most special experience for anyone looking for a new place to call home.  Her passion for style and architecture is her greatest guide and her persistence and positivity will not only help you find a home you love, but make it a great process with her by your side.”
by Laura G
“You can tell this is a passion of Emily's. I gave her my price range and specific needs and location..and every few days, I get potential houses sent in my email. She listens with her heart and no pushy sales pitch. Emily really caters to you and is very informative on things that I would never even think of while looking at houses.”
by Jennifer E.
"Emily is the definition of professionalism but what makes her stand out is her ability to really listen to your needs and follow through. She does all this with such passion, kindness and she truly cares. Emily has the tenacity and ability to stay focused throughout the entire process and guide you to find the home of your dreams."
by Heather T.
“I have nothing but amazing things to say about Emily. Her honesty, integrity, and passion for helping people through the house buying / selling process is unmatched. She delivers deep knowledge about the market, is easy to communicate with and truly cares about the people she’s serving. This is the realtor you need in your life!”
by Chris A.
"Emily isn't just the kind of person who understands, she's the kind of person who makes you feel understood. Her patience and sense of humor makes even tough situations feel more manageable. I'd recommend her to anyone!"
by Noah N.
"For the average person like me, real estate is your most important and valuable asset. Whether you are buying or selling property, you should expect and demand intelligence, diligence, professionalism, passion, responsiveness, patience, and in this market, tenacity, from your real estate agent. Emily checks all of these boxes and more. We have been lucky enough to know Emily for more than a decade --- if you want an agent that will proudly represent you in a buy or sale, we couldn't recommend Emily more."
by Chris N.
"Emily is an intelligent, inquisitive, reliable person who will listen to your needs and work hard to fulfill them. Her genuine and no-nonsense demeanor will make you feel comfortable and heard throughout the home-buying/selling process."
by Ilse M.
"When we had to relocate to California from another state, Emily’s help was everything. She took us on tours of the various neighborhoods in Ventura and helped us figure out commute times to our new jobs. She made sure we knew what to expect when navigating Southern California’s very challenging real estate market, and ultimately helped us find a great house in a wonderful neighborhood. We knew nothing about California’s real estate laws and had a tough time finding a mortgage product that worked for us. She saw us through that process as well. She was also kind enough to pass along a list of contractors and service providers whom she trusted personally as we began the task of making the house our own. Overall, we were extremely well handled and I would not hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone looking to buy a house in Southern California."
by Lynn K.
"I have had the great pleasure of meeting Emily when searching for a rental home in and around Westlake Village. She was always readily available to answer all questions and very nice in showing us around not only available rentals but getting to know neighborhoods also. She made the whole process so streamlined and is always willing to help out! Thank you Emily!"
by Bernard C.

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