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Camarillo is located on the western edge of the Conejo Valley and includes the rural, unincorporated area of Santa Rosa Valley.  Camarillo is known for being a safe, peaceful, quiet place to live. Being close to the ocean, it has pleasant weather year round.

Camarillo has a lot of farmland and undeveloped land. There’s always talk of new building projects, and push back from the residents who want to keep Camarillo small, and keep the farmland from development.  Everything you need is in arms reach in Camarillo.  But if you live in Santa Rosa Valley, you’ll have a bit of a drive to get to the market.  Although mostly considered part of Camarillo, Santa Rosa Valley is nestled between Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and Moorpark.

Aside from the Mediterranean climate, Camarillo offers an active outdoor lifestyle, with lots of beautiful hiking trails.  

Camarillo and Santa Rosa Valley are rooted in the ranching and equestrian lifestyle of Ventura County’s past. Santa Rosa Valley is known for larger custom-built estate homes, most of which have horse property (some with avocado orchards!).  This area is tucked away and has a very beautiful, rural, secluded feel.


Camarillo is west of the Conejo Valley (or North on the 101) It sits just west of Newbury Park (but down a long grade), east of Oxnard, south of  Somis, and north of Point Mugu State Park that leads you to Malibu. Being this far from LA means Camarillo is not a popular location for LA commuters (but there are some of course!)

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Places of Interest

If you like a more secluded lifestyle and prefer proximity to the ocean and mountains, rather than the city, then Camarillo could be a great fit for you. Here are a few places of interest:


Camarillo is part of the Pleasant Valley School District.

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