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Newbury Park is on the west end of the Conejo Valley, and the furthest town from Los Angeles.  Homes here tend to be more affordable than the affluent Westlake Village or Agoura Hills, and there are some bigger yards.

Newbury Park has a very laid-back lifestyle.  There are condos, gated communities, and everything in between.  There are older homes built in the 60’s and then newer, highly desirable communities, like Dos Vientos and Rancho Conejo, built in the 90’s and 2000’s. There are neighborhoods with HOA’s and some without.  Many homes have RV parking, decent size lots, and beautiful mountain views.

What people love most about this area is the microclimate: the weather in Newbury Park stays pretty mild year round and enjoys ocean breezes from both Malibu and Oxnard.

Newbury Park used to be the more affordable part of Thousand Oaks, but in recent years home prices here have risen to be on par with Thousand Oaks.


Newbury Park is located at the west end of Thousand Oaks (and is technically part of Thousand Oaks, so you can use either town name for your address). It is bordered by Camarillo to the west, Santa Rosa Valley to the north (which is an unincorporated area wedged between Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and Moorpark), and The Santa Monica Mountains to the south… with lead you to Malibu. There is a hiking trail that goes from Newbury Park to Malibu. It takes about 2 hours.

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Places of Interest

The big draw for Newbury Park is the open space, hiking, biking, and equestrian trails; and the peaceful small-town vibe. There aren’t a lot of great restaurants and shops, but there are other things that make this town desirable.

  • Hiking/Biking– there are trails all over the place. Most neighborhoods back up to trails so you don’t need to go far. My favorite is the Satwiwa Trail. It leads you all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center – located along the Satwiwa Trail, this center celebrates the history of the Chumash and Tongva/Gabrielino cultures, who were the original people of this area. Programs and art shows occur throughout the year.
  • Horseback Riding – explore the beauty of Newbury Park via horseback! Trail rides, horseback riding lessons, and summer camps are offered through the
  • Parks – there are many beautiful parks in Newbury Park. They’re clean, well-maintained, and never crowded.
  • Restaurants – there are some good restaurants in Newbury Park (just not as many compared to Westlake or Thousand Oaks). They tend to be more casual type fare. Here are some that are worth checking out:
    • Sumo Sushi – people come from all over the Conejo Valley for this place. Be sure to get there in time for happy hour. As far as sushi goes, I also like Sushi Oaks (a little hole in the wall with no website, no ambiance, but a line of people waiting to get in when they open) and Yama San in Dos Vientos.
    • Indian Food -Newbury Park has great Indian food. Check out Bollywood Spice and Saffron.
    • Sesame Inn – if you are craving Chinese food, Newbury Park has got you covered.
    • West of Orleans – Delicious smoked meats. Exclusively a to-go restaurant. The ribs are only available on Fridays. Be sure to call early to get your order in!
    • Holdrens – popular Steak & Seafood restaurant in Newbury Park. Check out their Happy Hour, and be sure to make a reservation. This is the most “high-end” restaurant that Newbury Park has.


Newbury Park is part of the Conejo Valley School District – one of the best in the state!

Many of the schools here have been named A California Distinguished School, which honors California’s most exemplary and inspiring public schools.

Several of the schools here also recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools – a program that recognizes schools for their academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps.

What makes the schools here so great, is they are all “School of Choice” which means you don’t have to attend the school you are assigned to based on your address.

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