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What is the DEAL with DOS VIENTOS?! If you’re looking to move to the Thousand Oaks area, you may have heard of the neighborhood Dos Vientos. What is the deal with this neighborhood? Why is it so great? Why is it not so great?

Right now I’m going to break down everything you need to know about the Dos Vientos Ranch neighborhood in Newbury Park, including the pros and cons of living here.

If you’re new to my website, my name is Emily Berdon and I’m a residential Real Estate Agent in the Conejo Valley, specializing in the Dos Vientos community. If you’re considering a move to this area or you already live here and are thinking about selling, shoot me an email so we can connect.

A little backstory on Dos Vientos. It is part of the town of Newbury Park which is part of the city of Thousand Oaks – you can actually put any of those 3 names on your address and your mail will reach you just fine.


Dos Vientos is an upscale master planned community located in the south west corner of Thousand Oaks. When it was built in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, it put Newbury Park on the map. If you’ve read my other blogs, you know that Newbury Park used to be the place that people moved to for inexpensive, modest homes. Property values in Newbury Park remained significantly lower than other parts of the Conejo Valley. It was not as desirable until Dos Vientos came along and brought up the property values of everything around it.

Interesting side note: Planning for the Dos Vientos community started in 1976. It took 21 years before they broke ground on the community in 1997. There was a lot of pushback from the Newbury Park community, several lawsuits, and a slow-moving city approval process that the builder had to endure.

This community of over 2300 homes across 23 tracts started attracting families who wanted a safe, family-friendly, upscale neighborhood.


In Dos Vientos, you will find a lot of young families along with a mix of empty nesters and retirees. Additionally, a lot of relocators end up here: Amgen Bio Tech is Newbury Park’s largest employer, and the firm recruits scientists, engineers, etc. from all over the world.

As a result there are a lot more young families compared to the rest of Newbury Park, where you’ll find an older community of people who are “aging in place” (meaning people stay in their homes through retirement).


DV homes are going to cost more than any other neighborhood in Newbury Park, but less than other similar communities in Westlake Village and Oak Park. Another similar community in Thousand Oaks, called Lang Ranch, is going to be comparable in price to Dos Vientos.

DV has everything from modest townhomes to grand estates. Your price point is going to range between about $700k for a townhome to upwards of $4 million dollars for a  large custom home with acerage.

At the time of this blog (2023) Single family homes are going to start at about $1 million.

Currently, the median home price over the past year in DV is … $1,350,000

Compare that to the rest of Newbury Park where the median home price is $900,000, and you’ll have to ask again – what’s the deal with Dos Vientos??!

Don’t worry – I’ve got you. Here’s the deal – I’ll give you 3 pros and 3 cons of living in Dos Vientos:


As you drive into Dos Vientos, you almost feel like you’re entering a resort community. The curb appeal in these neighborhoods is very well curated, with a classic style and stunning views of nearby mountains and hills. The medians are always well manicured, and a drive around the neighborhood leaves you with a sense of sophistication and class. 

The downside of all this beauty? You pay for it with your HOA’s (depending on your tract, you’ll pay around $100- possibly $400+ / mo) and the HOA’s are pretty strict about what you can and cannot do with your property.

But, some say it’s a small price to pay to live in a beautiful community!


Dos Vientos means “2 winds” in spanish, and you will feel 1 or both of those winds on a daily basis. It’s more like a breeze though. There are times of the year that it gets windy here, but most of the time it’s mild and pleasant.

The only downside? Since it doesn’t get very hot, you’ll probably need to heat your pool more often than if you lived in Westlake or Agoura. And tell your visitors to bring a sweater, even in the summer. Once the sun dips behind the mountains, the breeze kicks up and the temperature drops significantly.

Dos Vientos is a big draw for folks who want the kind of weather you get near the ocean. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Newbury Park (and even more so, Dos Vientos) has its own microclimate. You almost always get fog in the mornings, along with ocean breezes just about every day, keeping overall temperatures here cooler.


The community in DV is tight knit and active. Dos Vientos is surrounded by stunning hiking trails, and at any time of day you’ll see people hiking, biking, running, practicing yoga in the park, playing tennis, pickleball, and even horseback riding.

The people here tend to be friendly and laidback. You will see a lot of luxury cars, but no one really cares what kind of car you drive, how much money you make, or how big your house is. They just care if you are a good neighbor. It’s rare to find a neighborhood this upscale and this laidback at the same time.

Dos Vientos has it’s own, highly rated school in the middle of the neighborhood that goes from TK-8th grade. It’s the only TK-8th school in the Conejo Valley, so many people want to live here for this reason. On school mornings, you’ll see kids walking, biking, and scootering to school. They descend upon the campus from all directions. It reminds you of a time when the world was a simpler, safer place.

Dos Vientos also has its own small shopping center with a local grocery store, coffee shop, a couple restaurants, a church, and a few other small businesses. This is very convenient for residents of DV, but the businesses here struggle to stay afloat. I’m not sure if its because the community doesn’t support them enough, or if the community is not big enough to support them. There is a constant change-over of ownership, and businesses coming and going. 

In addition to all that, this is a very safe and connected community. Living in Dos Vientos, you really get to know your neighbors – and this is not true of all Newbury Park neighborhoods. You’ll regularly see block parties (or cul-de-sac parties) and many families feel safe letting their kids ride bikes and scooters around the neighborhood unsupervised.

Because of where this neighborhood is situated, no one really has any business being in this neighborhood unless they live here. Speaking of where this neighborhood is situated… let’s dive into the Cons:


Newbury Park is already the furthest removed of all the Conejo Valley towns, and you have to drive about another 10 minutes after you exit the freeway before you get to DV.

That also means you’re driving farther than most other locations in order to get to markets and restaurants. All the best restaurants are in Westlake Village, but none of them will deliver to you if you live in Dos Vientos. For delivery, you’re limited to the Newbury Park restaurants + some of the Thousand Oaks restaurants.

The upside to the isolation? You’re living in a very safe, serene, quiet neighborhood, surrounded by nature, and just a short drive (or hike) to Malibu. 


Each tract or subdivision within DV has about 5 floor plans that are repeated throughout. Many of the floorplans are great, but some of them are awkward, and dark – especially the smaller homes that are closer together. For the most part, the lots in DV are pretty small. Some people like this because there’s less landscaping to maintain. Typically, the home either has a yard or a pool, but often not both. Now there are some larger lots and a handful of custom homes, but you will pay a premium for them.

Also worth mentioning – although it’s the “new” neighborhood in Newbury Park, it’s already 20+ years old. And the original finishes that the builder used were not very high end. If you purchase a home that hasn’t been remodeled, you will probably want to do some updating.


Part of living in a newer community means newer, less mature landscaping. If Dos Vientos had a lot of big mature trees, this neighborhood would be (the chef’s kiss!).

But the age of the community isn’t the only reason for this: the ground here is mostly somewhat shallow soil with bedrock underneath. This makes it difficult for tree roots to grow down deep enough to allow for really tall trees.

The upside? There’s less to catch fire when wildfires come through. During the 2018 Woolsey fires, none of the homes in DV burned, unlike Agoura Hills and Oak Park which were hit pretty hard.


Alright, if you’re considering purchasing a home in Dos Vientos, you should also consider the neighborhoods of: Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and Agoura Hills. Also be sure to check out the “Most Desirable Neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks”

Reach out if you need a Realtor to help you navigate the neighborhoods and the homebuying process. It would be my pleasure to assist you.


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